“With that attitude, she can conquer the world!”

Nikki, our Fantastic Friends program leader in Chapel Hill (satellite location) shared a beautiful Best of All for Savanah a 25 year old who sets her mind to something and accomplishes it with confidence and ambition.

Savanah is a very active participant who juggles a full calendar- GiGi’s Programs (Handbells, Speech, Literacy Tutoring, Adult Communication Group), volunteering at a local hospital, Church, social activities and trying new things. During her program on Thursdays, Fantastic Friends- Community Connections Savanah continues to set new goals, find confidence and enjoy new things with her peers.

Nikki wrote to Savanah’s mom and shared about how she is a ROCKSTAR.

“I wanted to tell you what an awesome job Savannah did today at GiGi’s.  If you’ll recall, today’s focus was on connecting with outdoor recreational activities in our community.  We learned how to use field hockey sticks to hit field hockey balls.  Next, we worked on controlled dribbling of a soccer ball with the inside of our feet.  Then we worked on power kicks into the goal.  And finally, we enjoyed basketball dribbling and shooting.  Savannah was so coachable, was willing to try new things, listened and followed instruction so well, and just showed such a positive attitude about it all.  The thing that impressed me the most was when something was difficult for her, she didn’t give up.  She kept working at it until she got it.  And there was nothing she couldn’t do!  With that attitude, she can conquer the world.  Such a special girl you have.  Thanks for letting her hang out with us!”

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