Making a Difference

As staff, we have the privilege of experiencing the impactful work our volunteers do every day. YOU set the example, and our Programs Coordinator didn’t want to miss out. That’s why Laura signed on for literacy tutoring. Below is a note from her student’s mother:

“I am writing to you because I’d like to share my daughter’s tutoring experience with Miss Laura Krueger. There is truly no word that I can use to express our gratitude and love for Miss Laura over the last few months. I have witnessed how my daughter has grown in her literacy skills and her speech with Laura. She has the heart and skills for this work. The following are a few points about her work.

  1. Miss Laura always sends me an email before the session as a reminder and is always punctual. 
  2. Miss Laura is always well prepared for the lesson. Her lessons are structured and playful at the same time.
  3. Miss Laura immerses discipline in the lesson. She holds my daughter accountable in learning. And I love it.
  4. Miss Laura is effective in engaging my daughter in learning and introducing her to a wide range of topics to learn.
  5. Miss Laura always shows her enthusiasm of being a tutor for my daughter.” 

We are so lucky to have Laura at GiGi’s… as staff and volunteer. Way to go, Laura!

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