I’m so grateful to have had this experience♥️

I have truly enjoyed my time at GiGi’s, both last fall and this summer for the Speech program! Everyone has been so warm and welcoming from the moment I entered the playhouse last year. I’ve loved working with Dr. Layton, Caroline, Cindy, Emily, and all of the other wonderful people running this great program. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know our sweet friends and their families at GiGi’s Raleigh, they’ve been the absolute best!

I will miss everyone and I’m so grateful to have had this experience♥️

Thank you, Raina

When GiGi’s Playhouses had to suspend in person programs and shift to virtual programs, we made a commitment to our families that we wouldn’t hit pause, we would hit play and continue to serve. In our transition to virtual programs, we hosted our first virtual 1:1 Amina Grace Speech services for 12 participants. This program has been incredible! With 70 hours of participation, we have seen improvement in each participants articulation, a growth in confidence as they formulate sentences and many happy moments as their hard work was celebrated!

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