Mary Catherine is a fun loving, beautiful child, who loves to learn and loves to celebrate her accomplishments. She is so driven.  She doesn’t give up until she reaches the goals that she often gives herself, even at age 9!   She keeps us all laughing with her contagious laughter and sense of humor and is 100%, a people person.  She is the youngest of 7 children, adored by us all, because she is so loving and caring.

I have watched her thrive at GiGi’s playhouse.  She loves Destination Discovery, Yoga and Open Play-HomeSchool group.  She runs into the place ready to learn for Literacy Tutoring and Speech.  Her reading has improved so much and everyone I talk to tells me, ” Mary Catherine is talking so much more and I can understand her so much better!”  Recently, Mary Catherine has mastered her jumping skills at the Playhouse. There was so much joy on Mary Catherine’s and staff’s faces as she finally took a 2 foot jump off the stage and landed it perfectly. So thankful for GiGi’s Playhouse Raleigh and all the ways they come alongside and celebrate our family!

We are so grateful for GiGi’s!

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