GiGi’s is a second family to us.  A family we chose to be a part of and that gives us great joy and happiness. 

Being part of the GiGi’s volunteer family has been a wonderful experience.  I knew I wanted to give back and I wanted to find a way that I could do that without having deep pockets.  Don’t get me wrong, GiGi’s needs those that donate funding, but GiGi’s allows me to give me and not just a financial donation.   I have volunteered and donated to other organizations and still do, but GiGi’s is different.   It is a family.  You find people who you can relate to that have a common goal – to help normalize Down syndrome, educate others and to be there to help those that need it in the community.   I have found that I enjoy working with the participants and the other volunteers that participate in the many different programs.  When I participate either for me personally or for my business, I find that I GET BACK JUST AS MUCH AS I GIVE.  It may be a hug, a handshake or just interesting information from another’s perspective; I always leave with a fuller heart and a smile on my face.

I also enjoy participating in the volunteer opportunities with my children.  I have 2 daughters ages 14 and 13 that both participate when they can.   This gives us opportunity to give back together to the Down syndrome community and build lasting relationships.  GiGi’s is a second family to us.  A family we chose to be a part of and that gives us great joy and happiness.


GiGi’s is helping to make life altering impacts on the lives of those it supports, the participants and their families.  The changes I have witnessed in many of the participants in the programs are wonderful.  Growth in many of those that I interact with includes improved reading, new cooking skills, something as simple as the willingness to try new things or maybe even just be in a different room than a family member.  Overall, the programs, the volunteers, the very calming environment gives each individual a place to try new things, accomplish new goals and to do that with a ton of support from their GiGi’s family.

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