GiGis is a place of acceptance, warmth, love and encouragement.

1) What does GiGis mean to you?

GiGis is a place of acceptance, warmth, love and encouragement.


2) What brought you to GiGis?

I made a New Year’s Resolution to give back more. Upon looking for ways to give to the community, I came across a Facebook discussion about programs offered through GiGis. After orientation, I was hooked! I could not wait to start tutoring through the literacy program.


3) Share about the literacy program and how you see it changing the lives of our individuals.
The literacy program was ten weeks of fun! I was paired up with Wilson, an incredible individual with some outstanding prior knowledge about sharks. Immediately, we started our research to increase knowledge on the same topic. Through hands-on activities like paper toss, order sorts and read alouds, we were able to create an entire book about sharks (and even play a few rounds of basketball too)! Wilson even surprised me one day when he came in with a list of 33 things about sharks—outside of our sessions! It should have been no surprise to me that he would do such a thing as GiGis shapes achievement and determination. GiGis changes lives. It shines a light on possABILITIES despite disabilities. I know it has forever changed Wilson’s life. I just never knew mine could change this much too. Thank you GiGis!


Our volunteers are a ray of sunshine at our playhouse, they are eager to give back and love each of our participants. We have launched 9 programs since we opened one year ago. A HUGE thank you to all the dedication and passion our volunteers illustrate, we seriously could not do what we do without you. Make sure you check out our online calendar for upcoming volunteer orientations if you are interested in making a difference at GiGis Playhouse Raleigh!

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