A warm welcome to Anya

We had a new family come visit our Playhouse from Ukraine – Anya and her father Lurii. They moved to the US to get away from the war and are staying in the Raleigh area. Anya has two sisters that attend local universities, so they have family in the area. Anya is 19 and has finished school, but is looking for more opportunities in our community. She was so excited to be at the Playhouse! She checked out each room and even played the piano for us and the campers! Anya is also very active on social media and is so talented. She has taught herself how to dance to “Thriller” and even performed it for her entire school! Her father is eager to get her involved in GiGi’s – he even has her doing GiGi’s At Home! We are excited to have them join us at the Playhouse. Please welcome Anya and her family!

Anya playing the piano

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