We deeply appreciate this opportunity for Charlie to spread his wings and grow

We wrapped up 3 weeks of GiGi’s Summer Adventures, Camp style program and man what a FUN summer with AWESOME activities. For a lot of our friends, this was the first time they experienced horse back riding, rock wall climbing and learned about safety from first responders!

This was Charlie’s first time attending camp, read what Charlie and his mom shared <3

Gigi’s summer camp was so much fun, especially the rock climbing.  I had a little trouble at first getting my feet to stay on but then they gave me some special shoes and I climbed very high!  Karaoke was my favorite-I sang some Kenny Chesney!  – Charlie

Melanie says:

We were beyond thrilled when Charlie landed a spot in Gigi’s summer camp, but also anxious because this would be his first camp experience without a parent in tow.  That anxiety evaporated when we picked him up at the end of the first day.  He came home filled with excitement and pride about what he had done that day and could hardly wait to go back.  We are so grateful for the love and energy of the Gigi’s volunteers and staff. We deeply appreciate this opportunity for Charlie to spread his wings and grow his sense of independence and adventure in such a caring community!

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