Reading and Down Syndrome–A Case Study

Reading is a vital life skill where doors, otherwise closed, will open up for individuals with Down syndrome in the workplace, schools and the community. Developing reading skills leads to improvements in speech and language development, auditory perceptual skills and working memory function.

Meet Lexi: GiGi’s Playhouse participant, age 17.

Lexi has been attending GiGi’s since we opened three years ago. She loves the reading programs at the Playhouse and hanging out with friends while she is there.

Since coming to the Playhouse, Lexi’s reading has improved significantly. “She has really taken an interest in reading, and her level of reading has improved dramatically since she started GiGi’s reading program,” explained Lexi’s mom, Lesley.  In fact, out of all the events and programs at GiGi’s, Lexi says reading is her favorite thing about the Playhouse.

Lexi proudly takes home one or two books that were worked on during her session and the vocabulary cards that correspond to the books she is reading, so she can practice reading every night.  Individuals with Down syndrome learn whole words then the specific phonemes (sounds) for each word, so they can spell the words.

Lexi likes to use the words in sentences and spelling them with the lettergrams we use at the Playhouse. She enjoys reading daily to her family.

GiGi’s Literacy Program

Gigi’s Literacy Program helps increase self-esteem, fine motor development, speech abilities and articulation, and more. And, good news! The Literacy Program is now open for registration as well as looking for tutors. Visit our web page to sign up!



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