“It’s the Friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey . . . . .”

Guest Blog submitted by Brett Schatzman

GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix Self Advocate

Brett would like you to meet

some of his Playhouse friends….. They are so AWESOME!!



Cora’s favorite GiGi’s program is LMNOP. It has been her favorite since her family found GiGi’s Playhouse when Cora was 4 months old! Cora favorite toy is baby dolls and she loves reading books❤️.

Cora’s favorite food is all fruit, especially blueberries and bananas (I think fruit is yummy for sure, I like it in smoothies!). Cora’s nickname is Cora Bean😀. Cora likes GiGi’s because she likes meeting new friends and learning new things while having fun❤️.



Carlie’s favorite hobby is to ride in her family’s Can Am out in the desert and take breaks to race the radio control truck! Close behind that is to play Wii and Wii sports! Carlie’s favorite GiGi’s program is Fantastic Friends, but she also loves Rock Band, which she has participated in for many years (those are such fun programs, I like them too).

Carlie’s favorite food has always been pepperoni pizza! She and her dad have a date every Wednesday at Streets of New York❤️. Carlie doesn’t have one nickname, she has several! Everybody calls her something different (her mom  likes pumpkin!) Carlie’s favorite was from high school, her English teacher thought she was quiet, so he called her “mouse” and she loves it😀. The thing Carlie likes the most about GiGi’s is meeting new friends and hanging out with her forever friends that she has known for years (I like hanging out with friends too!)❤️.



Tyler’s favorite program is GiGiFit in person! Tyler likes working in a restaurant, watching old DVD’s and VHS movie favorites and hiking with his family and sister especially❤️. Tyler’s favorite foods are pasta, pickles, and everything!!! (Pasta is one of my favorites too Tyler!). His nickname is T-Bone to some, T-Bone Fuller to others.

Tyler likes GiGi’s because of the fun he has with the other adults at GiGiFit, Prep, and Dance Mania😀.



Leia’s favorite GiGi program is GiGiFit Toddler. She loves to go with her dad and run around with her friends while they do fun exercises! Leia’s favorite hobby is going to the park and going on the jungle gym, running around, and going down all the big slides😀. She also likes to read books with her mom and dad. Leia’s favorite book is, “Spot Goes to School.” Leia’s favorite food is pasta. She likes to eat baked ziti with extra sauce and lots of cheese! She also likes to eat the yummy pasta her dad makes with meat sauce. (Pasta is one of my favorites too, especially with lots of cheese!). Everyone calls her Leia or they like to say her middle name which is Mia❤️. Sometimes if she does something she is not supposed to do, they will say “Leia Mia”! Leia likes GiGi’s because of all the people there! All the staff, volunteers, and teachers are super fun and very nice (I think so too Leia)😀. She likes making new friends and singing songs with everyone. Leia says GiGi’s teaches her and her family lots of new things, like how to use sign language to communicate. GiGi’s is a fun place where she has time to work on many skills that will help her in life, and she loves it❤️.




Submitted by Brett Schatzman

GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix Self Advocate


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