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As the new school year begins, GiGi’s Playhouse would like to  thank all the teachers who represent  “Generation G” as they teach their students to be kind, be accepting and be  generous. This is a letter written by a mom to her son’s preschool teacher as he starts kindergarten. His preschool teacher believed in her son and helped to make full inclusion possible.   More importantly, she set an example of  kindness, acceptance, and generosity for  her students every day in her classroom. She and other teachers like her are helping to shape their students into Generation G. Thank you, Teachers!

Generation G is a conscious decision to be better every day. Be Accepting. Be Generous. Be Kind. To learn more visit.


“Dear Ms. G,

We wanted to express our gratitude for the work you do in your classroom every day to shape your young students into kind and accepting individuals.

When you have a child whose school placement often is steered by his diagnosis, it can be a challenge to open hearts and minds to the idea of inclusion in a general education classroom.  But teachers like you are changing the world by giving kids like our son the opportunity they deserve to flourish! We have watched him learn, grow and achieve for five years and along the way we learned what works best for him.  We came into his kinder transition year with expectations, hopes, and dreams for his kindergarten experience. For our family, those expectations have always been centered on an inclusive education.

We knew inclusion in kindergarten was not just the best option for our son; it was the only option for him to achieve his personal best. You listened to us with an open heart and mind and rather than discouraging us from perusing what we knew was best for our son, you showed us support and became an advocate for him. In your classroom, you showed our son constant support and encouragement creating a relationship built on trust. Your relationship with him is the reason that he has thrived in your classroom and will continue to do so in kindergarten.  You see right past his diagnosis and into his heart; recognizing his sense of humor and intelligence.




We believe you have created the foundation for our son’s education. We will always look back at this single event as the most pivotal in helping him to achieve his goals.  He is social and learns best when he is surrounded by his peers. He needs those relationships and because of you, he will have them. From our son, his classmates will learn compassion, patience, and friendship.

We can’t thank you enough for your support and encouragement of our son and us too.  We are so grateful for the work you do every day to help shape your students into accepting and kind individuals. We promise to work hard every day to prove you right; our son belongs in a general education classroom. We applaud you and all teachers that see past the outdated perceptions that too often come with a diagnosis and instead see value, achievement and a world of possibilities! “

With Gratitude,

The proud parents of a kindergartener!”


Submitted by Jessica Crain

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