GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix/Scottsdale – “Is there a GiGi’s University?”

Is there a GiGi’s University?


“I need to know everything” is what you tell me all the time.


I have been watching you move from teen to young woman.

I think your transition started when your original graduating class began their move to college.  You stayed in high school to keep learning.  Then your younger sister moved off to college and you stayed in high school continuing to learn more.  You liked school and you always loved to learn but you were beginning to feel the need to change.  You progressed toward your own graduation and you achieved it!

Kaitlyn Gage

High School Graduation

From high school and your cheer squad you developed lifetime friendships.

Staying connected to your friends is your passion. Your famous Instagrams,  snap chats, FaceTimes and of course your “Good morning Beautiful!” texts get everyone smiling by 7:00am.  Your day doesn’t end until everyone again is touched with your “Good night”.  I learned from you how important it is to continue to invest in our friendships.


We have always had a special relationship, the one that all lucky grandparents know about.  It’s about time.  A choice to be together.  We got to play house rather than clean the house.  We watch our favorite movies over and over.  We cook together.  A side note….you thought I could teach you to bake, I had to learn with you.  Your dad knows that all my personal baking had to be done by Safeway.  That’s another story.


Everyone is getting you ready for your transition.  Your teachers and high school friends recognized you as a leader.  Friends take you to Flower Child and Starbucks.  College dorm rooms have become places for you to be included in girl weekends and campus activities.  Your friends joined you for a girls’ weekend in Vegas for #21….you are learning as all young women do about “growing up”.


GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix/Scottsdale is a big part of building your self-confidence as a young woman and your curiosity to learn everything.   It’s not your high school, it’s not your traditional college, it’s where individualized learning, new friends, music, and your personal expression give you a voice.  It has taught you and me what “best of all” really means.


GiGi’s University Phoenix/Scottsdale is under construction for your continued desire to learn everything.  Everything you choose. It will enrich your life as you become a part of your community, learn to live a healthy life and work with others.


I’m not an expert, I’m right there with you as a learner.

Stay tuned…. we are getting ready to learn everything together.




Submitted by Stephanie Gage

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