GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix – We Believe!

We are the BELIEF TEAM at GiGi’s.

When participants walk through our doors in GiGi’s Playhouse the magic begins. They see themselves in the larger-than-life mirrored wall while they crawl, walk, dance, sing, read and meet their friends.

When participants walk through our doors of GiGi U and GiGi’s Studio Café they are ready to learn, work, create, share and meet their friends.

And when participants walk through our doors at the GiGiFIT Studio they get ready to stretch, move, and push themselves to excel as they strengthen their bodies…oh, and meet their friends.

Being together they become the BELIEF TEAM.

The smallest celebrated successes magically get bigger, and bigger and bigger. Our participants leave stronger, smarter, happier and BELIEVE that they can do more, go farther, and achieve more than they thought they would or could.

The BELIEF TEAM at GiGi’s is also the families. They share their BELIEF in us, what we do and the difference we make is shared among new families and our community.

At GiGi’s we all work together to build the BELIEF TEAM and keep it strong for our participants and their families. Behind the scenes I get to see the preparation for Programs, Tutoring, Speech and Language Therapy, Fitness, Career Development and Work Practice as our own BELIEF TEAM gets ready for you every day.

I get to see the true, honest dedication to ensure that everyone feels the magic when they walk in all the doors of GiGi’s.

Thank you for BELIEVING in GiGi’s. Our magic will amaze you…and it’s REAL.

We are the BELIEF TEAM!!

Happy Holidays to All,

Stephanie Gage

Board Co-President

GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix

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