Despite this period of  “social distancing”,  GiGi’s Playhouse continues to serve our GiGi’s Families though GiGi’s “At Home Live and On Demand” Programming.

GiGi’s Mom and Board Member, Marlene Schatzman submitted the following:

Comfort and Joy…

“We are truly grateful for our GiGi’s Family, the joy that was brought to us through the Local GiGi’s “At Home Live” LMNOP Program by seeing some of our friends smiling faces, (even if it is a virtual program) brought us some sense of peace.

We all have our loved ones, our families, we are staying close to, but we do miss our other family, the one we have come to count on when we are feeling unsure or just need a connection or a hug.

I do believe, in this current state of the unknown, when we see our GiGi friends again, it will make it that much sweeter. We will hug, laugh, and smile just a little more than before. We will hold on to that hug for a bit longer. We will laugh a bit louder. We will bask in the sunshine of someone’s smile a bit longer.

We  know how lucky we are to have that other family, the one that without saying a word, we understand them and love them.”

Submitted by:

Marlene Schatzman

GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix Board Member


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