It’s the friends we meet that help us LOVE the journey!

Super volunteer, amazing self advocate and guest blogger Brett would like you to meet
some of his Playhouse friends….. They are so AWESOME!!

I LOVE that I have a place to go to that accepts me.
I LOVE all the friends I have met, participants and volunteers.
I LOVE GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix and all it does for me and so many others.
I really LOVE that I can have this blog, so you can meet some of my awesome friends!

Love from Brett
Hugs from Brett❤️

I am happy for you to meet Sunni. Her favorite program at GiGi’s is cooking classes, it’s one of my favorites too! Sunni’s favorite hobby is scrapbooking her pictures😀. Her favorite food is pizza (good pick)! Sunni’s nickname is Sunnibunni ❤️ The things she loves most about GiGi’s is that the people who work and volunteer at GiGi’s are so nice! Next time you see Sunni, be sure to say hello. She’ll certainly brighten your day!

To find out more about Sunni’s favorite program, cooking in GiGi’s Kitchen, follow this link!

I am so happy to introduce you to my friend, Jeremy.
Just like Sunni and I, his favorite GiGi’s Playhouse program is cooking! Jeremy really likes to play with tools, play food, YouTube, cars, and he LOVES animals. His favorite food is pizza ( a favorite of mine and Sunni’s, too). Jeremy’s nicknames are JJ and Goofball❤️ Jeremy likes that GiGi’s has such nice people helping out and loves that everyone is so positive. He also likes making new friends there. Jeremy’s parents are grateful for all the free programs that help all the kids and adults grow and achieve their potential ❤️❤️

I am happy for you to also meet Karissa. Her favorite GiGi’s Playhouse program is GiGi Prep! I also think Prep is a very fun program! Karissa’s favorite hobbies are puzzles and drawing and her favorite toy is her Doc McStuffins doll. Karissa’s favorite food is ravioli (yum). Karissa’s mom calls her the loving nickname “Sweetstuff” and her dad calls her “George” 😀. Karissa likes GiGi’s Playhouse because of the cooking class and making so many new friends. Karissa is grateful for her “good teachers”.❤️

Submitted by guest blogger Brett!

Karissa was such a dedicated student and fun participant in GiGi Prep! She has now moved on to the next level, GiGi U! These signature career development programs help our young adults gain confidence and the skills they need to achieve anything they desire.

You can find out more about these programs by following this link.

After graduation from GiGi U, our adults have the opportunity to showcase their skills and gain valuable experience by interning in our GiGi’s Studio Cafe. Influencing and increasing the employability of individuals with Down syndrome is incredibly important to GiGi’s Playhouse and to the families we serve, knowing that full acceptance includes inclusion in the workplace. Far too often our population is under represented and underutilized in the workforce, as is shown in this article from the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability. We are working hard to change that!

Under the leadership of volunteer Tammy Truelove, the interns are fully trained in the art of delicious coffee making, amazing customer service and achieving the highest standards of any state licensed coffee shop. The Cafe is open every Wednesday and Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm and is located under the GiGiU sign at the Playhouse. We hope you stop by to meet Brett and our other amazing interns to see why these amazing individuals make not only the best friends, but also the best employees!

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  1. Cathy Judge on February 24, 2023 at 2:45 pm

    Great job on the blog Brett! We love how you put your heart into everything that you do. We love you and all your GiGi’s Friends!

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