Amina Grace Speech Tutoring-“Just what My Daughter Needed”

Sloane’s mother said in-person Amina Grace speech tutoring is just what Sloane needed as you can tell in these photos!



Christie, Sloane’s Tutor said Sloane loves to practice her speech! Through structured and play activities aimed at encouraging Sloane to use her words to request, comment, and express her needs, she is on her way to becoming a more independent communicator. She loves to play with the farm sound game and play kitchen. She is learning the routine of “practice then reward,” and is beginning to remind her therapist using her words to give her the reward game! In speech, Sloane is encouraged to use her words to request games, make a choice, and say when she is ready to move on to another activity. Sloane enjoys playing with the dollhouse and vocalizing for the family dolls. She is practicing her articulation of developmentally appropriate sounds at the word level using colorful picture cards targeted at producing all sounds in vowel-consonant-vowel words. As she masters each level, her speech intelligibility will improve, and the goal is for her to combine words to express herself using phrases and sentences. She is a very active girl with a lot of spunk! Her laugh is infectious and brightens the day of everyone she comes into contact with.

We are so proud of Sloane for always giving her “Best of All”

Article Credit:

Sloane’s Mom

Sloane’s Tutor

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