Volunteer of the Month

At GiGi’s Playhouse, Layton, we know we would never be able to do the things we do with out our amazing volunteers that help us on a daily basis. We would like to take some time today to thank one of those special volunteers, and spot light her as our volunteer of the month.

Alisha has been an invaluable part of our GiGi Prep program. She works full-time at LSI with programs designed to help people 14-21 years old improve their job and communication skills. LSI decided to partner with GiGi’s, and Alisha is now able to be here at GiGi’s twice a week for 30-60 minutes teaching our participants those same life skills. She has added fun and friendship to our program, and our participants have loved getting to know her. She is currently looking for additional ways to help and enrich the participants at GiGi’s Playhouse.

A huge THANK YOU to her and LSI for making a difference at GiGi’s Playhouse, Layton.

Potty Training Tips

Rose Reif, an in home private counselor for families affected by disabilities was at our Playhouse in Raleigh, NC and they shared this blog post with us! http://www.reifpsychservices.com/potty-training-down-syndrome/ This is a great resource and we have so many people that ask about this. Thank you for sharing!   Continue Reading

Cool Kids

  At GiGi’s Playhouse, Layton we know that volunteers are the life line of our Playhouse. Without such amazing people who give so freely of their time and efforts, our Playhouse would not exist. Therefore, we would like to take just a few moments to give a HUGE “Thank You” to some amazing volunteers that… Continue Reading

Lightening Reminders

Sometimes life gets a little crazy. We get wrapped up in the everyday stresses and commotion, and tend to forget or overlook why we do what we do. Suddenly a lightening bolt of a reminder hits us, and our hearts, passion, and compassion are overflowing again. The following is one of those lightening bolts… Grab… Continue Reading

Thank You!

As our Birthday Month draws to a close, we would like to express a huge THANK YOU to all of our participants, volunteers, and donors! You all truly make GiGi’s what it is, and we could never do it without you! This month has been a great birthday month for sure, with the start of… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday GiGi’s Playhouse Layton!!!

Two years ago today our world got a little brighter, happier, and just plain better! Through dedication, hard work, and sheer stubbornness in some cases, we opened GiGi’s Playhouse Layton. Over the past two years we have served hundreds of individuals and families thru our purposeful programs. We have raised awareness, changed expectations, and impacted… Continue Reading

Sarah Buti with #tuesdaytips

oral motor functionality So many of us my not be aware of the crucial importance of strong oral motor functionality. It is important for our kiddos to have strong and mobile articulators. Articulators include our lips, cheeks, jaw and tongue. Children with Down syndrome, due to low muscle tone, often have decreased strength when it… Continue Reading

Speech Therapy Activities

1. “Me In a Bag” Activity Give all of your participants a paper bag with the cute poem attached here on it. All you have to do is cut (if you have time, plain bags are great too). Share your “Me” bag and talk about how each item represents you before explaining the activity. Have… Continue Reading

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