Participant Spotlight: Emrick

Written by Emrick’s mom, Afton H.

Emrick is 36 years old and has been participating with GiGi’s Playhouse in Layton since they opened their program.  He has enjoyed various programs there, such as friend interaction with peers his age, holiday activities and especially their cooking class. Several years ago, he was even able to be a participate in the reading tutoring program. GiGi’s has benefited his life in enabling him to have educational and self-improvement opportunities as well as social opportunities which he greatly loves.

Through participating at the playhouse, we see that it has helped him to feel independent and accomplished. He actually wishes he had more free time, so that he could “hang out more at GiGi’s.”   Emrick was born a dancer and performer and before he could even walk, he has had a deep passion for music. At the very top of his list has always been his love for Michael Jackson. He would listen to and watch his music and videos endlessly, from the time he was a small infant.  He is always practicing and choreographing all his own moves and routines, and often…we have to remind him everyone is in bed and he needs to shut it down. (lol). He loves sharing his talent has has been captured on t.v. and in the newspaper on several occasions. So two years ago, when he was asked to perform for GiGi’s big gala, he thought his big debut had finally arrived. He had spent the following year talking about his love and joy at being invited to share his love of Michael, Needless to say, being invited back again this year to share his talent was once again one of his greatest joys. Emrick says…Thank you for my playhouse friends and giving me a happy life, my best life.  

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