Change Matters

Frank is one of our newest members of GiGi’s Playhouse Layton. Although Frank does not have Down syndrome, he suffered a stroke in 2016. At GiGi’s we believe in Global Acceptance for All!

Frank has participated in our GiGi’s Kitchen Adult program and is happy to have made friends and have some good food while being in a place where he knows he is understood.

Frank knows the value of GiGi’s Playhouse and decided he needed to do what he could to help. The morning after his first time in for a program, he made a donation to our location. He stopped in later to make sure I got it and told me that it was all he could do at the moment. Our sweet Frank donated $.98, and I could never imagine my heart would warm as much as it did in that moment!

               Thank You Frank!

Love, Heather and GiGi’s Playhouse Layton

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