Being good at something right away is rare; practice makes progress and that’s all we can ever aspire to. One participant, Samir, has been working really hard to make that progress pay off!

Samir has been busy in speech sessions for the last few months working on slowing his speech and making sure his words are clear. He knows to ask good questions about how to produce any sounds or words he is unsure about. He has also worked on increasing his volume and projecting his voice. All this is in preparation for an exciting role in an upcoming theatre production!

Samir is taking his role very seriously and has been able to memorize most of his lines from the script for this production. His enunciation and projection are to ensure the audience can hear and understand everything he is saying. Some other goals of the speech program are to improve word order, message meaning, and general comprehension. Visit our website to learn more about our Amina Grace Speech and Language program!

Anytime you speak with Samir, he makes sure to listen to what you are saying and comes up with a thoughtful response. He is so sweet and kind! Customers in Hugs and Mugs love when he serves them with a smile. Samir is a great example of best of all, which is always looking to improve and challenge yourself every day! What are some ways YOU show your best of all?



  1. Kyle Voltin on February 3, 2020 at 5:54 pm

    Great work Samir! Keep it up, and all the best with your upcoming role.

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