GoToMeeting Login Instructions


Directions for Participants If you are joining GoTo Meeting from a smartphone, tablet or iPad

  1. Download the free GoToMeeting App 
  2. Allow audio/camera permissions while using the app 
  3. Click on the link below the date & time from the calendar event/program 
  4. The meeting will open automatically  
  5. You will then see a preview of how you will appear in the meeting 


If you are joining GoTo Meeting from a desktop computer or laptop (Google Chrome is suggested) 

  1. Click on the link from the Live calendar 
  2. Select the orange “Join My Meeting” button 
  3. If prompted to “Open GoTo Opener?” at the top of the page, select “cancel” 
    • If you would prefer to download the application software to your computer, select “Open GoTo Opener” and then “Download the App” 
  4. Then choose “Join on the Web” (no download required)  
  5. Join by computer or phone, we suggest a computer 
  6. Click save and continue 
  7. Choose your mic and speakers, your computer will have a default click save and continue again 
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