Volunteer Spotlight- Sally Stearn

Volunteer Spotlight- Sally Stearn, literacy tutor

This is my first tutoring opportunity.  I applied to volunteer right before covid hit, and then everything was shut down!  I am so excited to begin tutoring virtually!  My personal interests are: our 1 year old puppy, reading, writing, and a board position at an adoption agency that I adopted my kids from over 30 years ago.

I have chosen to tutor because I absolutely LOVE to read and want to spread that passion to others!  I believe it opens up a whole new world for everyone to explore.  My older brother had Down syndrome and I will  never forget how happy and loving he was.  Every year (no matter how old he was) we sang Christmas carols together and had a visit with Santa Claus!  It was so wonderful!!!  I miss him like crazy!

Thanks for joining us Sally!  We can’t wait to bring your experience to our literacy tutoring program!!!

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