Volunteer Spotlight- Across the Network- Westchester

Volunteer Spotlight- Across the Network- Westchester

This Volunteer spotlight is our GiGi’s Kitchen program leader – Carol! Carol began volunteering with us back in January of 2018, she came along to an orientation and that same day she observed our cooking program and was ready to jump straight in! Carol became co-program lead a month later and taught us some amazing recipes. At the beginning we travelled the world, where we sampled different signature dishes from far and wide. Every month, Carol was able to encourage our teenagers and adults to try a variety of different foods! They even happily ate tofu – amazing! Carol always helps them to understand what is healthy and to help them make healthy choices. This year meant we had to stop all our programs especially our cooking program, but this did not stop Carol from wanting to cook with our teenagers and adults! In the Summer, we piloted a virtual program and for the first time we were able to bake together (as our kitchen at GiGi’s is very limiting, although it didn’t stop us!) AND Carol introduced the program to our younger participants, which has been amazing! As a result of Carol’s patience, motivation and enthusiasm our participants are trying more and more foods and enjoying them. Carol you are truly #generationg and we thank you for being an amazing volunteer!

Do you have a story about an amazing volunteer that you would like to share?  We want your story!  Submit it to kvaughan@gigisplayhouse.org.

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