Today, we have two amazing guest bloggers: MJ and Eden. They are both friends and participants in Teen Tastic at our playhouse. They, themselves, are role models for so many people. Today, we wanted to ask them who their role models are! This is what they said:


MJ has three role models: Alex, Noelle, and Justin. Alex is a Best Buddy and Peer Partner at his high school, and Noelle is also a Best Buddy. Justin is one of MJ’s teammates.

Why did you choose Alex? 

Well, after all those years and being friends with this person, ever since hearing that Alex was given the metea life award and becoming the role model for all those  people who needed a role model. That made me think about maybe he was giving me the opportunities and the blueprint  that would make me  the future role model ,And just as a reminder to you,Alex, You have made all of this possible, just so i could understand  what it  is like to be with a role model and I want to say thank you,Thank You for giving me the opportunities and the blueprint  that would make me  the future role model for others.

Why did you choose Noelle?

This is because this person has  become a powerful, confident, present, loving, caring and courageous person that I look up to and recognize that she would be the  spark that would light up my world and being that valuable charm that would wake me up toward the future that I would create for myself. 

Why did you choose Justin?

This is because Justin was not like most kids, which is why every time I see him he fills me up with the  energy, courage,  tenacity, positivity and happiness to make a real powerful and positive impact on the world.   



Eden tells us about her mom-

My role model my mom:

I like my mom because she is organized and clean the house when its dirty. She is very nice and helpful.

My mom loves and cares about me. She helps me whenever time. She cuddles with me at night.

She is funny, nice, helpful, caring, and more!

My mom is a good cook and she does chores.

I love her and I want to be like her.

Signed by :  Eden Salem

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