Playhouse Inspiration- Across the Network- Milwaukee

Across the Network- Playhouse Inspiration

Meet our new Teen Tastic Program leaders Katie and Taylor! Both leaders attend UW-Milwaukee and are in the MS Occupational Therapy Program. Katie decided to become a volunteer at GiGi’s Playhouse because she strongly believes in the importance of providing meaningful opportunities for people with Down syndrome and their families. She loves being a volunteer. It is so rewarding to see the joy the programs give to participants and their families. Some of her favorite activities at Teen Tastic have been playing online bingo, having virtual dance parties, and trivia challenges. Taylor recently moved to the Milwaukee area and heard about GiGi’s Playhouse and the Teen Tastic program from another student who volunteers. She thought it sounded like a lot of fun! Taylor enjoys coming up with themes, unique games and activities to try out and getting to know all the Teen Tastic participants.

Want to be a program leader like Katie and Taylor?  Attend our next Volunteer Orientation to learn more about our opportunities!

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