Parent Corner: How I Learn

The saying goes, Parents are a child’s first teachers, and it looks like they will continue to be through the next semester.

“Research indicates no amount of formal teaching can compare to the influences you have on your offspring, who you teach every day, – by word and by example. And, with the early years being the most significant stage in life, in order to develop your child’s sense of security, social awareness and confidence in learning, the time to do that, is now.”

So let’s take this time and make the most of it- let’s shape our kids into the people we would like them to become, and let’s lead by example.  Don’t know where to start- the How I Learn video is a great place to start, and an excellent video to share with your child’s IEP team.

  1. Set HIGH expectations
  2. We all learn in different ways (make sure to use multi-sensory approach and repetition)
  3. Use visuals and clear instructions (literal instructions)
  4. Break things down into steps (I Do, We Do, You Do)
  5. Incorporate interests and MAKE IT FUN!
  6. Know when to help
  7. Give time for a response
  8. Promote independence

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