Meet Sam

“As everyone at GiGi’s Playhouse is aware of, October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month! Before my son, Sam, was born over 8 years ago, I had no idea  this existed and I definitely didn’t know why. When October came around and Sam was 5 months old, I wondered what people needed to be “aware” of. But every year that goes by, my understanding is so much deeper. This is our 8th year of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and every year I become so much more aware of what people, like my son, are capable of. I realize how little people know about our children’s potential, and I realize we need this month to reflect and celebrate all the love and richness people with Down syndrome contribute.
Since Sam has come into my life, I smile more and I laugh more! I see how he enchants his peers and makes more friends than any one I know. Sam has a gift of getting people to like him! When we go out in public, more people know Sam than myself! Unlike most of us, he goes out of his way to smile and say hi to people because it’s just a nice thing to do. People always, always, always greet Sam back with kindness. Families that don’t have a member gifted with that extra chromosome miss out on so much love this world actually has to offer! My family and I are so blessed to watch Sam learn how to read, count, play sports, and dance. His abilities develop with time and I just can’t wait to see what Sammy proves he can do over the next eight years!”

written by Mom, Stacey

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