Meet Liam

    “From the day Liam was born, I don’t know anyone who has worked harder learning.  His very first meal Liam strained to take the colostrum.  Tummy time was a struggle and walking was even more.  Scooting on his rear was a great way to travel for some time.
    Good thing Liam was also born with light-spirited demeanor. He is observant, curious and motivated to learn at his own pace, while somehow still managing to keep smiling and giggling and spreading joy to all he meets.
We have never stopped learning along with him. When we finally thought we were starting to understand Down syndrome, Liam was also diagnosed with Autism.  Its been 4 years and much is a mystery, but some things are starting to make sense.
Autism opened a whole new unwritten chapter for us.  Teaching Liam is not something you find in a book.  All the rules for teaching and learning are different and something learned one day can quickly be gone until a week later.  Just recently the  pieces of the Liam learning puzzle are starting to connect.   It is definitely more challenging because he has to work even harder but yet he always continues to surprise us.
During this pandemic I’ve learned so much about him especially the way he learns things. I am amazed how well he navigates his AAC device and I actually learned how to use it from him. He has figured out how to drag and click objects to complete the goal work on the Chromebook screen within 2 weeks of E-learning (I didn’t even know that the laptop screen was a touch screen!).
     We believe that Liam will continue learning and surprising us. Along with the wonderful community we have found, we will be there to support, encourage and love him as we will continue to grow together!”
-written by mom, Lussyana


  1. Valerie Lynch on October 29, 2020 at 11:10 am

    You are an amazing family. Always loving our Liam and bringing joy to anyone who has the privledge of knowing you. We are all learning together. Life is good and we are blessed.

  2. Pam on October 29, 2020 at 12:00 pm

    Such a beautiful testimony of all that Liam is accomplishing! He has the best Mom and Dad that a child could ask for and is such a blessing to our family. Liam has such a beautiful spirit and intuition. He can sense when someone is having a hard time and he will just come up and give the best most loving healing hug. You are teaching all of us Liam with your bright spirit and deep love ❤️

  3. John Lynch on October 29, 2020 at 1:29 pm

    Such an inspiring boy! He has confronted the challenge and continues to defy expectations. I am proud to be Liam’s Uncle. Liam’s unrelenting spirit challenges me to be a better person. Liam’s parents, Jim and Lulu, as well as, his sister Amaya are the epitome of service before self. They have made sacrifices and displayed an unwaivering patients and commitment to help Liam achieve what some said would be unachievable. The Lynch Family of Naperville, IL humbles me and motivates me. Love is such a beautiful thing! The love Liam’s family shows him and the Love that Liam shows every person he encounters provides me glimpse of the love that God has for us!

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