Introducing: Erin

“Erin is 15 years old “This child never stops amazing me”. Since she was born she has always had self determination.  She is always trying her best and giving it her all in whatever she does even though it can be a real struggle for her at times. This past year has been bittersweet for Erin from being active with school, playing tennis, going to GiGis dance and Cooking Club, and also being in her 1st play; to which all came to a sudden stop during quarantine and Erin having  no social outlets. At one point I was worried that she was struggling with isolation, showing signs of  sadness and emotionally withdrawing, but Erin being who she is persevered and became a champion of e-learning. So much so she received a Student Distinction award in May and her transition into high school the last couple of months has been absolutely flawless. Her independence since starting high school in setting her schedule, getting on zoom calls for class after class on her own, and her interactions with new teachers and classmates just amazes me. I truly learn from Erin everyday how to take each day as it comes while giving it your all. Most importantly she allows me to see how she overcomes her disability and how ABLE she really is!”

-Written by mom, Patty

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