Meet Aaron

“Our Aaron is an energetic, fun-loving 6-year old who has a big heart. He is just like you and me. An extra 21st gene only sets him apart as having an extra 21st gene, just like a person who has brown hair sets him/her apart as a person who has brown hair. He loves playing with his friends, meeting new people, and participating in the same activities as his brothers and friends. He invites people to join him in activities, and he doesn’t want to leave anyone out. He is very independent, and though it may take him a little longer to learn a skill, he puts forth so much effort to learn that skill, that eventually he gets the hang of it. Friends who have Down syndrome (or any other syndrome) just have a ‘different ability’ and not a disability. GiGi’s Playhouse does a wonderful job supporting families and offers so many opportunities for people to get connected. Thank you!”
– written by Mom, Laura
Laura is a runner for the GiGi’s Playhouse Fox Valley charity team at the Naperville Half Marathon & 5k.  Support the Playhouse and thank Laura for running at:

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