GiGi’s Playhouse Too- The Beginning

GiGi’s Playhouse Too- The Beginning

A History of GiGi’s Playhouse Fox Valley

Did you know that GiGi’s Playhouse Fox Valley was the 2nd Playhouse and was called GiGi’s Playhouse Too?  Listen to the words of our our founders and take a glimpse into the past… it was 2005 and…

“It all started with a dream…

Once upon a time there was a mom named Nancy, and she was blessed with a wonderful daughter that was different. Nancy embraced the differences and found there were many other  kids like her [GiGi]. Soon she came up with an idea of a club house for these special children. Within a year the first Playhouse was created. Many came from all over to view this wonderful place and soon the playhouse was more and more crowded with many smiling faces.

Some time went by and a few thought a second playhouse was needed.  Though the original was nice, it was a far drive from the south.  So Jason, Jeff, Jen, Kathy, Kim, Nick and Rebecca got started and found some wonderful folks to help out.  With some hard work, many volunteers and generosity the second location can now be enjoyed by all.”

Take a peek at GiGi’s Playhouse Too in Plainfield before renovations began:

And during renovations:

Do I spy Nancy painting?




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