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GiGi's own Kathryn Smith becomes ComEd Ambassador

All eyes are on Kathryn Smith as the 21 year old commands the attention of the room during her educational presentation to a group of her peers. She is a dynamic example that individuals with Down syndrome can do anything!

Through a program launched by ComEd and eight community organizations to educate adults with special needs about energy efficiency,  Smith is a ComEd Ambassador.  She is teaching her peers about ways to save energy costs at home and in the workplace.  Smith, who is also the Secretary of the Advisory Board with GiGi’s,  applies her own special needs experience to make  presentations on energy savings at various events throughout the community and encourages independence and self-determination among those with special needs.

Smith says that the experience has helped build her confidence and she welcomes the opportunity to educate others. “Most of my presentations have been to special needs high school students and they are very surprised to learn that they can help their parents save money by turning off lights and the television when they leave the room.”

Patty Smith, better known as Kathryn’s Mom, says, “I’ve really enjoyed watching Kathryn give her ComEd presentations.  I love the way the kids in the room look up to her for her knowledge and wisdom.  While she teaches them how they can conserve energy she is growing into a confident and professional young woman.”

Michele Ptaszek, of ComEd adds, “Kathryn is such a smart and conscientious young lady.  We are thrilled to have her as an ambassador promoting the benefits of energy efficiency on behalf of ComEd.”

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