Hello, my name is Bret Shannon and I am the current board president of Gigi’s Fox Valley.  I love this organization and it has been an absolute pleasure being able to be a part of it.
The Beth Shannon Memorial Golf outing was created by myself and my family as a way to honor the Memory of Beth Shannon.  Beth was my mother, an avid member of the community, and a lifelong educator.  She had her start in education teaching special education, and education and helping has always been a large part of our lives.
Beth passed away of cancer four years ago and we wanted a way for family and friends to be able to get together to celebrate her life every year, and the golf outing was born.
The outing has supported various causes over the years, but the two we have settled on are Gigi’s Playhouse and the Beth Shannon memorial scholarship.  We felt like Gigi’s was a natural fit due to my moms involvement with special education and so far we have been able to raise over $30,000 for the charities that we have supported and this will be our fourth annual Gigi’s Memorial Tournament.
-Bret Shannon
Thank you Bret for being a part of the GiGi’s family!
Join us at this year’s outing! Go to https://www.cffrv.org/profile/shannon-beth-shannon-memorial-fund/ to learn more and sign up!

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