Generation G- Natalie


Generation G- Natalie

“I always try to come up with something fun for Down Syndrome to help raise awareness as well as make it a special day for Blake and other families in our community.  This year, I wanted to do something that would tie everything together.  I knew that Ice cream is always a way to bring people and smiles together. I reached out to Amy, with Kimmer’s, and asked how we could make this day have even more sparkle to it.  Amy was so wonderful to work with.  We got right to work on how to highlight this day with crazy socks, the creative sparkle cone with features the mix of yellow and blue sparkles.  I wanted to incorporate this day into a way to give back to an organization that has benefited so many individuals and families in the area and we decided to incorporate the Kimmer’s Kares program and have a portion of the sales go back to Gigi’s as well.  That day, the line was around the building for most of the day.  So many families and people in our community came by, shared a cone of ice cream and my heart was full just witnessing the smiles, conversations and the amount of people that showed up.  My biggest take away was that our family and many other families felt supported and celebrated-  It was awesome!

I have loved going into my friend Mandy’s shop. Magnolia Bath and Soap, and just seeing and smelling all the wonderful products.  Mandy is a huge supporter of Gigi’s Playhouse.  I have spent a few gala nights tearing up the dance floor with her and I just love how wonderful she is to all of my kiddos when we frequent the shop.  I mentioned to her that I wanted to do something special for World Down Syndrome Day, and we threw out some ideas of a yellow and blue hand poured soap.  We tossed back a few ideas and just agreed upon the Down Right Awesome for this particular soap.  I love that her shop does a “hope in soap” fundraising opportunity and I just knew that this would be a Down Right Perfect Way to give back to Gigi’s Playhouse.  It was so exciting to see the community, from near and far, participate, order and share these soaps.  It was fun to create and exciting to watch.  At last count, Mandy had sold over 160 bars of soap during the month of March and $3.00 from every bar will go to Gigi’s Playhouse.”

Thank you Natalie, Kimmer’s, and Magnolia Bath and Soap for your support of GiGi’s Playhouse!

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