Best of All GiGi’s At Home Math Tutor- David

Best of All- GiGi’s At Home Math Tutor

Remember – we don’t just impact the lives of our participants, but of our volunteers as well!

“Volunteering as a math tutor for GiGi’s Playhouse has been an immensely rewarding and educational experience as a prospective educator. Not only have I been able to gain meaningful experience interacting with awesome students, but I have learned how to tailor my teaching style to a diverse audience. As a chemistry and physics tutor, I am used to teaching difficult concepts to my students. However, my time volunteering for GiGi’s Playhouse has provided me with a fresh perspective on how to effectively break down and teach fundamental concepts such as addition, subtraction, and identifying different shapes and colors. Prior to GiGi’s, I took my understanding of these concepts for granted without ever thinking much about the core, underlying principles. However, thanks to GiGi’s, I have become a better and more patient educator, as well as a more compassionate and empathetic individual by learning how to effectively convey such concepts to my students!”   David R.

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