Meet Ivan

“On Saturday, November 23rd, 2019, St. Joseph Academy was having a Feathers Party fundraiser with live music in Crest Hill, IL. “Arbor Creek” was their main band although some other musicians performed through out the night. At the end of the night, Arbor Creek invited Ivan to join them during their closing song.
Oh Wowww… Ivan’s performance was amazing!!! I wish you were all there to see it… He blended in with the band as if he had been performing with them for years! The TRUTH is that Ivan had NEVER even practiced a single song with them!. We were in shock!!! … (I was in tears of happiness) … He went on stage without hesitating … so sure of himself… and he had us all cheering… screaming… going crazyyy!!!    
His performance was that of a super ROCKSTAR!!!
Big THANKS to his guitar teacher, Ms. Tamara Martinez, for teaching him with love and patience, and making him be the young musician he is today. Big THANKS to ALL his teachers at SJA for always INCLUDING him and making him be the confident young man he is today… And big THANKS too to Arbor Creek for given Ivan the opportunity to show the world he’s no different than anybody else!!!”
– written by Mom, Gaby
Thanks for sharing this best of all moment!!!

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