How your end of the year GIFT impacts local families at GiGi’s Playhouse!

“GiGi’s Playhouse helped give me the courage and comfort after our initial diagnosis. Even though it took me a while to finally become brave enough to meet with Heather, but once we did, it opened a door to start exploring what the GiGi’s community could do for our family moving forward. After rescheduling meetings with another family because I was scared on how I would respond, we finally met. The moment, Conner, touched my hand and gave me a hug, I became emotional and for the first time, I knew everything was going to be ok and I could tackle whatever challenges that may come in our way.

GiGi’s Playhouse is an opportunity for everyone in our community to come together and reach new heights when it comes to inclusion, advocacy, and acceptance. Down syndrome is nothing to fear or hide from. The individuals impacted by the programs at GiGi’s are not limited by their abilities. They are limited by those who are not willing to accept or include them. Every donor who gives selfessly to support GiGi’s and all the volunteers that give their time and effort are the foundation for helping GiGi’s succeed in supporting individuals with Down syndrome and their families. Thank you for giving my family hope, excitement, and courage to watch my daughter be supported, celebrated and accepted!” -Annalise Duffy, Lakyn’s Mom.

Every gift makes an impact! Help GiGi’s Playhouse Fargo reach our 2023 program goals of over 5,000 hours of FREE programming for individuals with Down syndrome!

Many families are blindsided by a diagnosis of Down syndrome in pregnancy or at birth. At GiGi’s Playhouse we shift the feelings of uncertainty to hope and potential. GiGi’s programs aim to help parents overcome the diagnosis and maintain high expectations for their child to achieve success in social, educational, and employment opportunities.

The FM Area Foundation Caring Catalog, is an online, crowdfunding campaign to support nonprofits in the Cass Clay area during the holiday season. 100% of your donation will go to GiGi’s Playhouse Fargo.

  • $25.00 will provide one hour of FREE programming for an individual with Down syndrome and their family!
  • $50.00 will provide welcome kits for new families to instill hope and comfort.
  • $100.00 will provide networking opportunities for parents/caregivers to know they are not alone on this journey.
  • $500.00 will support one therapeutic program for one month.

Invest in GiGi’s Here – Caring Catalog

GiGi’s Playhouse Fargo Website

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