Thank You for Your Service Kellie

On behalf of GiGi’s Playhouse Fargo’s Board of Managers we want to extend a heart filled thank you to Kellie Hamre for her service as the President of our Playhouse for the last four years.
Kellie’s leadership, passion, vision, and drive has allowed our mission to flourish in the Fargo, Moorhead, and surrounding communities! July 1, 2022 Kellie will transition to past president and continue being an active volunteer and participate in programs with her family! Thank you Kellie!


Thank you for your unwavering dedication to making GiGi’s a better place to be. There are big shoes to fill. You are one of the most hard-working women I know. Your commitment to its excellence is inspiring. -Andrea Hensrud, Board of Managers President Elect



Kellie – Thank you for furthering the mission of GiGi’s Playhouse and changing the way the world views those with Down syndrome. You have literally gone above and beyond for the organization by extending your term after the fire and doubling down to help Fargo flourish through the flames. Your tireless commitment will be felt by future Fargo families for years to come! -Kyle Voltin, Board of Managers Treasurer


Thank you, Kellie, for your outstanding leadership that you have provided our board. Your attention to detail and passion for GiGi’s has not gone unnoticed. You are the best!!! -Kristin Nelsen, Board of Managers



Where do we start?!? The rebuild could NOT have happened without you. Your passion for improving the lives of people with Down syndrome lights up a room and makes the world a better place. Thank you! -Jordan Schroeer, Board of Managers



Kellie – it has been absolutely inspiring watching you work tirelessly on our Rebuild, while simultaneously keeping our team together and the mission of GiGi’s at the forefront of every conversation. We could not have done this without you! You have tirelessly given your time and resources to our Board, our families, and our community. Thank you for everything. -Trisha Stibbe, Board of Managers


As a Fargo GiGi’s Board Member under Kellie’s leadership, I have been so impressed by her ability to lead with her authentic self ~ she inspires and mobilizes the team towards the playhouse vision with a motivating, positive, inspiring, and highly strategic sense of leadership. I love her “can do” spirit that naturally finds balance between dreams and reality. Her gift of time, talent and energy have been so appreciated and I thank her for all she’s done to leave a precious mark on the Fargo Playhouse. -Jill Stroup, Board of Managers


“Let’s Do It” was the additional Core Value Kellie brought as a leader to GiGi’s Playhouse in Fargo! Over the last four years, Kellie, has lead through passion, determination, and organizational structure to help GiGi’s Playhouse Fargo be the “Best of All” among our network and participants! Her vision to expand the facility and rebuild the facility was not only a dream, but a true success! Thank you, Kellie, for your service which went above and beyond to create a vision for individuals with Down syndrome, their families, and our community for acceptance for all. Let’s keep chasing dreams! #LetsDoIt – Heather Lorenzen, Executive Director


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