Board Member Spotlight: Rose Busque

If you’ve been following our board spotlight posts so far, you might notice a theme: We thrive as a team, but each individual shines in their own special way, adding a crucial piece to the collective whole. There are myriad reasons why Rose Busque is an invaluable slice of our sweet Playhouse pie, including but not limited to her passion & dependability. She signs herself up for many tasks and if says she’s going to do something, you can count on her to get it done. This might sound basic, but remember, we’re an organization that is 99% volunteer-run. Understandably, volunteers also have full time jobs, families, personal lives, plenty of other obligations, and they don’t get paid to be here. There is literally nothing holding them accountable but their belief in the people we serve and the contributions we make to society. Rose has as busy a life as anyone, but she still manages to show up fully and over-deliver on her promises, which makes her such an asset to the hard-working team at GiGi’s Playhouse Detroit.

Rose first found out about GiGi’s in September 2019, through a facebook group in which she was invited to a new program called, “GiGiFIT You and I”. She attended the group with her beautiful daughter, Maevis, who was just two months old at the time. Rose said it was amazing to meet other families and share experiences and resources during those first few months when things felt overwhelming. She said coming to GiGi’s was her first exposure to the Michigan Down syndrome community, and because it was so awesome and positive, she was hooked.

Baby Maevis

Since then, Rose and her family have participated in lots of programs, events, fundraisers, and more. She joined our board in August 2021 and is currently in charge of planning and managing events. This is a HUGE job that she performs expertly, but of course, she doesn’t stay confined to one role. Rose helps with administrative tasks on the Grant Team and has worked on the Outreach Committee, bringing us tons of new families (mine included!), volunteers, big donors, and more. She is a steadfast advocate and promoter of all things GiGi’s in her various networks, and the connections we’ve made through her are tremendous. All this to say, Rose is proactive in large and small ways, and we are beyond grateful for all she contributes.

Please take a moment to get to know her more below!

What is your daytime occupation and where? 

I’m an Account Executive at a design firm called Czarnowski Collective, where I focus on planning events, including auto shows.

What’s a fun fact about you that might surprise us?

I love music in all forms and have played over 6 instruments, including the violin, saxophone, trumpet, baritone, French horn, guitar, and ukulele. I’ve played the trumpet the longest (over 6 years) and have a lot of fun with the ukulele. I really love strong instruments and hope to explore the cello at some point.

What inspires you about the mission of GiGi’s Playhouse?

That it helps build a warm and welcoming network for the Down syndrome community. When I joined my initial group with Maevis, it was my first-time hearing from people who were so excited about their kid having Down syndrome, and stories about how their kid has changed their life for the better. This narrative was vastly different than how Maevis’ diagnosis was presented to us from medical staff, and just what we needed. We are so grateful for GiGi’s Playhouse and this community for sharing a more positive outlook.

How has volunteering here impacted your life? 

It feels great to work for an organization that is bettering the world. I love that GiGi’s has inspired my family and friends to also join the mission of increasing positive awareness of Down syndrome.

What would you say is the biggest misconception about individuals with Down syndrome? 

That they will negatively impact their siblings. I feel like our older son, Henry, is a better person BECAUSE of his sister with Down syndrome. 


Henry (8) and Maevis (3)

Why do you believe people with Down syndrome are an important part of our community? 

So many reasons! The biggest thing I’ve seen since Maevis started preschool is the way she impacts her peers. The students are understanding that different is not just OK, it’s pretty great! They applaud her when she learns new skills and they also learn new ASL signs from her. I think Maevis’ generation will be more accepting of people with disabilities, both in the community and the workplace.  

Do you have a favorite quote? 

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” – W. Wonka 

What a perfect quote to wrap up this feature post. Thank you, Rose, for the many strengths you bring to our board, and the warm, welcoming, upbeat, and knowledgeable friendship you offer our families. We are so lucky to have you!

Stay tuned for more Board Member Spotlights in the coming months!

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