Program Spotlight: LMNOP

LMNOP = Language, Music, ‘N’ Our Peeps!

Carol Schindler (left) and Kathleen Tynes (center), always bringing the magic for our sweet young peeps!

All babies know how to communicate; cry if you want something, continue to cry until someone figures it out. As they get a little older, their behavior and means of communication expand. If they want something, they’ll reach, point, or maybe even throw a tantrum for it. As time passes, the wants and needs of these small humans become more complex, and thus their need for language grows.

In LMNOP, we work on the fundamental language skills babies and toddlers need to explore and understand the world around them. We teach basic American Sign Language to support their rapidly processing brains and increasing levels of comprehension, until their verbal skills can keep up. We sing songs and read stories about colors, emotions, directions, body parts, animals, nature, clothes and many other things kids are exposed to in everyday life.  

This is a fun and interactive program that incorporates musical instruments, books, bubbles, scarves, and the ever-popular parachute to develop and refine language. Not only do kids learn multiple forms of communication, but they engage in routines that will help prepare them for pre-school! Parents and caregivers are also given plenty of examples of how to integrate these lessons at home.

We recommend this program for children ages 0 – 3, and siblings are always welcome! This fall, LMNOP will once again be led by the inimitable Kathleen Tynes ~ every Thursday from 10 – 10:45am, followed by Open Play.

If you’d like to volunteer with LMNOP, or any of our other great programs, please join us for the next volunteer orientation, Saturday September 10th, from 10 – 11am.

If you have any questions, email Kathleen Tynes or call the Playhouse at 248-557-9899.

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