Program Spotlight: Kids Club

Our programs are “Session Based” meaning just like when you sign up for a soccer team or swim lessons, when you register for one of our programs we have you marked on our calendar for all the times we meet during that session. When the program coordinator and Ms Becca our Kids Club leader were discussing the plans for the new session, Ms Becca said, “I think for the first meeting we’re going to keep it kind of low key so everyone can get to know each other. It’s really important to do that sort of thing before we jump in for the session.” We couldn’t agree more. The participants ages 8-12 are right at the part in their lives where they’re doing a lot more independently and learning about who they are. Ms Becca really does allow for the participants to get to know each other and form that special bond so it’s more like a “club” than a program. 

Message from our program leader Becca: I think my favorite part of our Kids Club group is the friendships the kids are developing. It’s like Cheers every time a friend walks into the playhouse for the program, and they all adore each other. I also love how parents connect and share resources and experiences to help everyone learn and grow. 

Now do you want to jump in?

And as always, if you’d like to join us in changing the way the world views Down syndrome, we are always in need of volunteers!  Simply register here and we will get in touch!

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