Program Spotlight: LMNOP

On the first Saturday of every month, our sweet little LMNOP friends come to the Playhouse! It is such a busy morning, but it is so fun watching our participants explore and learn!  

LMNOP are not just letters in the alphabet, each letter has a specific meaning for our early learners program. L stands for language. This program focuses on teaching basic sign language and other language tools that will help participants communicate as early as they can. M stands for music. Our participants will learn to sing and sign together which makes learning fun! N, O, and P stands for ‘N our Peeps. This program allows families with pre-natal to 3-year-old children to connect, but also gives the child the opportunity to begin making friends.  

The program is interactive and engaging for parents and their little ones. There is often lots of bubbles, bouncy balls, and musical instruments which correspond with the purpose behind this program.  

This summer, Kathleen Tynes is our program lead. She always has fun lessons and encourages our participants to reach their best of all! She loves helping participants and their families grow. We are so thankful for Ms. Kathleen and all she does for LMNOP!  

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  1. Amy on July 21, 2021 at 9:04 pm

    Kathleen is a true gem! She’s got the knowledge, Experience, passion, positive energy and purpose. So glad to see her leading such an important program.

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