Meet our Summer 2021 Interns!

This summer at GiGi’s Playhouse, we are fortunate enough to have two amazing interns! They joined us in May and will be with us until August. It’s been wonderful to have these two in Playhouse; they have brought fresh ideas and lots of laughs. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer holds! Get to know them below!  

Kathleen Brady  

Kat is heading into her senior year at Heidelberg University where she studies Psychology. She plays on the softball team and has loved her time there. She hopes to be able to work in the nonprofit setting serving individuals with disabilities after she graduates.    

Kat first heard about GiGi’s Playhouse through a family friend and because of mutual connections was able to accept an internship for the summer. She is the program intern which means she prepares and participates in all the programs going on around the Playhouse. Additionally, she updates tutor data and writes lessons plans for LMNOP and Kids Club!  

When asked about what her favorite part of her internship has been, Kat replied by saying, “getting to be here for programs and building relationships with all the amazing participants.”  

Kat is excited to keep meeting participants, so introduce yourself next time you’re at the Playhouse!  

Megan Enyart 

Megan is heading into her senior year at Grove City College where she is pursuing a degree in Communications as well as Biblical and Religious Studies. She is involved in a service group on campus and loves living in Pennsylvania during the school year. She hopes to work the nonprofit setting after graduation.   

Megan’s background serving in special needs communities and her connection with the Cook Family lead her to GiGi’s Playhouse for this summer. She is the operations intern which means Megan is spending her time writing content and creating graphics for all social media platforms. She also organizes and cleans around the Playhouse.  

Megan’s favorite part of her internship so far has been drafting blog posts and creating social media content. She also has loved meeting all the participants.   

Kat and Megan have loved working at the Playhouse and have enjoyed learning about the nonprofit setting. They enjoy connecting with participants and their families so stop by and say hi!  

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