Hard Work Pays Off

Every week Eleanor works so incredibly hard in therapy. At school she receives 90 minutes of speech, 60 minutes of OT and 40 minutes of PT. Privately we currently do 60 minutes of speech, 30 minutes of hippotherapy (PT and OT) and 60 minutes of OT. So in one week she gets 2.5 hours of speech therapy, over an hour of PT, and nearly 2 hours of OT. We just finished up 60 minutes of speech at GiGi’s which put her at 3.5 hours of speech per week. That’s over 5.5 hours of therapy every single week (6.5 when we had speech at GiGi’s).

Eleanor works hard. At everything she does. Speech, fine motor and gross motor skills do not come as naturally to her as typical kids. Her therapists try to make everything as fun as possible, but it is still hard work and tiring.

All this comes at a cost to us – one that we are happy to incur as we will do everything we can to provide our kids what they need. But it is a challenge.

GiGi’s Playhouse provides these therapies for FREE. The programs launched are going to help Eleanor achieve her goals and also help us take some of the financial burden away. Every single family that walks into GiGi’s can participate in the dozens of programs and therapies and never pay a penny. That is HUGE. Not every family is as fortunate as ours to be able to afford as many private therapies. And every kid deserves the same chance to thrive.

I would love for you all, my friends and family, to walk with us on June 9 at the annual 5K and fun run for GiGi’s Playhouse Deerfield. If you can’t attend with us, please consider making a tax deductible donation. Every dollar counts and provides for so many individuals with Ds. https://p2p.onecause.com/gigis5k2019/team/eleanors-entourage

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