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Join us for our Virtual Run, Walk, Ride!

Help us reach our goal of 50 million steps for Global Acceptance and Step to Accept across the world on June 6.

Lock Laces® and GiGi’s Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Centers have partnered to showcase the many different kinds of warriors there are in this world.

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We run for HUDSON!

I’ve always been a fairly active individual. I used to run for myself – for my health, to clear my head, to listen to great music, to greet the day with exercise, to feel my heart beating. It wasn’t until Hudson was born that I chose to run for someone besides myself. Hudson was born…

We Are On A Mission


Our Mission: is to increase positive awareness of Down syndrome through national campaigns, educational programs, and by empowering individuals with Down syndrome, their families and the community.

Our Vision: is to see a world where individuals with Down syndrome are accepted and embraced in their families, schools, and communities

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