GiGiFIT Kids At-Home On Demand

GiGiFIT Kids

**Exciting News**

GiGiFIT Kids is now available at home. We know that getting used to a new normal is challenging for our community in many ways. We hope to make it a bit easier to keep our GiGi’s Playhouse Kids fit and active while schools and GiGi’s Playhouse Charlotte are closed. We invite the whole family to get fit together using our progressive fitness program and achieve their daily #bestofall!

Check back weekly to see all 12 weeks of GiGiFIT Kids! 

Program Description:

GiGiFIT Kids is a safe, effective, and progressive fitness program built on the principals of physical therapy and specifically targeting hypotonia and excessive joint laxity. GiGiFIT Kids makes exercise fun and empowers individuals with Down syndrome to be more independent and confident in their abilities while improving overall health and wellness through building strength, endurance, power, stability and movement control. GiGiFIT Kids is recommended for ages 6 through 12 years old.

We invite the whole family to get fit together and achieve their #bestofall!

Week 1:

Video – MP4

GiGiFIT Kids – Infographic

GiGiFIT Kids Movement Cards


GiGiFIT Instructor: Jamie Brill



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