Have YOU tried Friends, Fun, & Fitness: LaBlast Dance?

Robert Wallop, one of GiGi’s Annapolis’ very own, brought his dance expertise into the homes of every GiGi’s participant around the world who signed up for the online experience. As of Wednesday, May 4, from 5:15-6:00 p.m. EST, and each Wednesday thereafter, Robert is achieving his goal of bringing his fitness leadership to the national and global GiGi’s community. Choreography will include components of GiGiFIT, interval training, stretching of major muscle groups, functional strength and balance training. 

Our 25 year old dance leader’s resume is rather impressive, as Robert is the first World Special Olympics Individual Dance Champion, a title that he earned in 2015 in Los Angeles, CA. Robert’s experience there developed into the desire to bring a team of competitors to the 2017 Games in Austria. After participating in the Special Olympic Games, Robert was invited to a LaBlast fundraiser in Ohio where he met Louis Van Amstel, the Emmy-nominated Dancing With The Stars pro who created LaBlast Fitness – a program based on partner-free ballroom dances. Van Amstel encouraged Robert to become a LaBlast instructor which requires certification, including verbal and practical testing. Robert’s credits also include LaBlast Splash aquatic and Line Dance instructor certification. He teaches a weekly LaBlast class live at GiGi’s Annapolis, in addition to co-teaching a weekly modified LaBlast Chair  class at a local assisted living venue.

Obviously, Robert has a love for dance and a passion to perform and entertain. He recently competed at the USA Dance Nationals in Pittsburgh, PA at the bronze level. Notably, Robert was a contestant on Season 16 of the Tv series “So You Think You Can Dance.” He is also an ambassador for Special Olympics USA Dance Sport which requires a great amount of practice and training. Robert has a very busy weekly schedule, consisting of practices with his dance team, RhythmXpress, private lessons with a personal coach, and lessons at Arthur Murray in Annapolis. He works with a physical therapist to address the numerous orthopedic injuries he has developed over the years. Yearly, Robert attends LIFCON with many of the LaBlast instructors to build friendships, share teaching strategies, and improve his dance and teaching skills. 

What does this dance dynamo do when he isn’t dancing? Robert and his parents, Doug and Ann Wallop who are both physical therapists, live in Annapolis. Robert loves to sing and spend time with the family and dogs. He has enjoyed working at Annapolis Town Center where he has been assisting with the Santa and Easter Bunny photography shop. 

Want to learn some dance and fitness skills from Robert? Register for his GiGi’s classes by going to the GiGi’s program calendar, creating an account if you do not already have one, and sign up! After registering, you will receive a link to join the class. 

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