GiGi’s Kitchen Theme Song!

Presenting an original “GiGi’s Kitchen Theme Song”, written by a participant and his Mom.

By Sam Hening and Suzanne Hening   September 23, 2020

Welcome to GiGi’s Kitchen
Where no matter the weather
It’s always better
When we’re cooking up a storm!

Meeting up with friends every week
Always learning a new technique

Chopping and slicing
Stirring and dicing

Smelling and tasting
We’re careful– not wasting.

Laughing and learning
Simmering– not burning.

Following the steps with Ginger and Carmen
They’re knowledgeable and oh, so charmin”!

Typing questions in the Chat
Hearing back from Ms. Judy– just like that!

Welcome to GiGi’s Kitchen!

Where no matter the weather
It’s always better
When we’re cooking up a storm!

Welcome to GiGi’s Kitchen!
Welcome to GiGi’s Kitchen!


Sam attends GiGi’s Kitchen every Wednesday evening. We now are starting the program with him playing his guitar and singing his original tune! Tonight was it’s debut! We love his creativity and teamwork with his mom! Sam’s self-confidence is blooming!

GiGi’s Kitchen is designed to emphasize the importance of health and wellness through nutrition education, kitchen safety, food preparation, social activities and a shared meal/snack. Under the guidance of program leaders, participants will learn about and progress through skills including measurements, food handling, knife skills, ingredient identification, palette expansion, and nutrition. Participants will be introduced to various cooking techniques. The GiGi’s Kitchen program will build participants self-esteem and self-confidence through nutrition and wellness!   Hope to see you on Wednesday evenings!

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  1. Diane Fantone on October 3, 2020 at 11:34 am

    I love hearing Sam play each week. It is truly a treasure to have Sam each week. Keep on belting out those tunes Sam, you rock!

    • judyco on October 3, 2020 at 12:44 pm

      Wednesday evenings are such a highlight!

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