Matt’s an inspiration

“Why does Matt love going to GiGi’s?

A couple years ago he participated in GiGi Prep. This program worked on life skills, math, reading etc.  It also concentrated on healthy life styles that included healthy eating, learning about food groups and exercise programs. This program was a huge benefit to Matt and our family as we all began our long major weight loss adventure.

When we first began the weight loss adventure, we spoke to Matt about portion control, proteins, veggies and fruits. We also discussed what a healthy plate looks like. Matt remembered all the information from GiGi Prep which made it easier for us to enforce the food groups and explain the importance of them.

While at GiGi Prep, exercise routines at Charter Fitness were part of the program and something that Matt enjoyed. When we started on our weight loss journey, it included working out. I will admit that due to Matt’s exposure at Charter, he was more experienced than the rest of us as we walked into the gym!

GiGi Prep was just a start of what the Playhouse has to offer to support Matt’s new lifestyle. GiGi’s Playhouse Tinley Park has added so many new programs that include exercise and healthy living along with incorporating a ton of fun! Matt uses the Playhouse now more than ever. He is in his comfort zone here. He has made many new friends here. Matt is so proud to talk about the Playhouse to family members and friends who may not have been here before. I know that when he comes home from a progam, he shares his excitement from his experience of the day. Matt always checks the calendar to see when his next GiGi’s program is!

As an original board member of the Tinley Park Playhouse, I will admit I never imagined the benefits that Matt would receive from the programs offered. When the doors first opened, it seemed that there was really only one main program for adults. The growth and evolution of programs across all age groups has been amazing to watch. It is also wonderful to see the successes the participants are having.

Matt still really enjoys working out with his friends and family! He drinks so much water now (something he never did) and has lost over 100lbs. This is his new normal. I couldn’t be any prouder of my son!”

Linda – Matt’s Mom


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  1. Grandma on August 22, 2022 at 6:01 pm

    Good job Matt
    We are all so proud of you. You are so willing to participate in family outings. Not spending so much time watching movies.

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