With the first GiGi Prep ending, I began to reflect on all of the changes I have seen in Abby. Prior to beginning GiGi Prep she would clean up after a meal, but if I offered to do it she would gladly accept. Now, she actually gets upset with me if I don’t allow her to do it herself! Many of her already strong points have continued to improve with the added opportunities GiGi Prep has offered her. Additionally, it has been a while since Abby has attended school. The academic refresher was more needed than I realized. Abby and I now are excited again to continue learning! The one thing that I love the most is that Abby has begun to lose weight. Not only is GiGi Prep making her stronger mentally but physically as well! Thank you Ashley, Kyle and Lisa for all your hands on hard work. Thank you Diane for your vision, GiGi’s Playhouse Board for implementing this program and all of the supporters of our Playhouse for ultimately making this possible. You are truly making a difference in the lives of our young adults!

-Barb, Abby’s Mom

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